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Let's Brainstorm!

Animate inanimate objects, flora or fauna. If this Green heron could talk, what would it say to a group of kids and how might its voice sound?



Add Multi-language targets to self-guided tours or exhibit panels.



Sound-enable old trees, fossils, pottery sherds or even 500 million year-old rocks to teach facts, folklore or legends in an interactive manner.


Customized Shapes and Audio Description (AD) targets provide information surrounding key visual and tactile elements in an exhibit to include people of all learning styles and abilities.



Update an old exhibit panel with sound-enabled targets that may include new discoveries, current events or seasonal information.

Create a Scavenger Hunt or Game with custom-shaped or brightly colored targets.

Make a Storywalk Interpretive Trail ACCESSIBLE! Include multi-language and AD targets to reach ALL OF YOUR VISITORS!

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AD Audio clip and custom shapes © 106 GROUP

Audio clip © Build 4 Impact

SensoryPEN Standard Target


The Possibilities are Endless!


Attach with lanyard to add multi-language, accessibility and more! 



Story Walk

Self-Guided Tours 

StoryWalk provides an innovative and delightful way for children and adults to enjoy reading and the outdoors at the same time.


Make your exhibit accessible by adding SensoryPEN Audio Description (AD) or multi-language targets to signs and pedestals by StoryWalk® Solutions from Barking Dog Exhibits. 

Flora's Caterpillar

Written by April Anderson, Illustrated by Tricia Peterson


This family-oriented picture book is excellent for your Story Walk display! It encourages readers to care for native caterpillars and release butterflies.

Share Your Story

Reach the 20% of the population that learns best by listening. The more senses we involve in the learning process, the more we remember!

Sound-Enable Custom Shapes


SensorPEN aluminum targets adhere permanently to any smooth, clean, dry surface. Inside or outside.

Laminated paper targets work best on temporary displays, scavenger hunts, fundraising or special events. Attach with velcro, adhesive tape or a string to virtually anything that has a story to tell . . .